Sample Start-Up Moodle Book (from online Sociology 1, Spring 2016)


Welcome to online Introduction to Sociology at Laney College, with instructor Dr. Inger Stark.  The fact that you’ve found your way into this Moodle Book means you’ve launched a good start in this class!

This first Moodle Book is designed to accomplish two things.

1. First, it will familiarize you with the Moodle Book format.  Moodle Books serve as the primary platform for instruction in this class.  Moodle Books are the way that I organize and present sociological material to you, and they include reading, videos, activities, links to other sites, etc.  Think of Moodle Books as online versions of attending class; in them, you will learn about sociology.  It’s important that you work through each one carefully and thoroughly, because the Moodle Books cover the course material and they have important information about class activities and assignments.  Each Moodle Book has multiple pages; to advance to the next page, hit the little shaded triangle that sits just below (or above) this text box.