Sample Start-Up Moodle Book (from online Sociology 1, Spring 2016)

Required Textbook

The textbook for this course is an ebook, which means that the book is online and you access the book with a computer, iPad, phone, or other reading device.  The ebook includes interactive features, videos, and you will take quizzes within the book as you read.

The required textbook is the online REVEL version of: The Sociology Project 2.0, by Manza, Arum, Haney


You can get the book one of two ways:

1) The quickest and most affordable way to purchase the book is to buy it online directly from the publisher at this link: 

  • If you are unprepared or unable to purchase the book right now, you can create an account and log into the book for 14 days before you must purchase it.
  • If you already have a Pearson student account, just sign in with your existing ID and password and you will be able to add the book for this class. 

2) You can also purchase the book at the Laney College Bookstore.  If you buy the book at the bookstore, be sure to purchase one with an access card that you can enter online (at the link above) to get you into the online book.  

Note: the ebook is not compatible with Internet Explorer; you should use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to access the ebook.  If you have trouble accessing the book, here is a student support site:

→Click here to link to a PDF version of these instructions