Sample Start-Up Moodle Book (from online Sociology 1, Spring 2016)

Course Parameters and Grades


This course is 100% online and it is fast-paced.  You are required to log into Moodle 2-3 times each week for approximately 3 hours of instructional activities; these will include reading Moodle Books, watching videos, posting in forums, taking tests, submitting short answer responses, and other course activities.  Additionally, you will have online reading assignments, homework projects, and you will write a paper and those will require about 6 hours of additional time per week.  Therefore, you should plan on spending about 9 hours per week on this course.


Participation: this course includes 16 learning units and a final exam.  Students must complete one learning unit each week.  Each learning unit requires students to spend about 3 hours logged into Moodle engaged in learning activities, and about 6 additional hours doing reading and homework.  Students who fail to log into Moodle and REVEL regularly (2-3 times per week), or who fail to complete all assignments on time, may be dropped from the course as follows:

  • Students who fail to complete the first two Learning Units before Sunday, February 7 may be dropped from class on the census roster that day.
  • After that, students who fail to log into Moodle 2-3 times each week, or who fail to complete Learning Units, may be dropped from class on the Attendance Verification Roster on Monday, April 25.
  • If the instructor drops students from class as outlined above, the decision is final.

Deadlines: Students must complete all assignments by 11:00pm on the scheduled deadline.  No extensions will be given and no late assignments receive credit.

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct: students are expected to conduct themselves in an academic manner in the class (e.g., forums, discussions, email, etc.) in compliance with Peralta Community College’s Student Code of Conduct.  Students who engage in disrespectful behavior towards the instructor or other students (such as personal insults, inappropriate language, etc.) or disruptive behaviors in the course will be referred to a dean for disciplinary action.  In addition, cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and students that do so will receive an F for that assignment and referred to a dean for disciplinary action. Plagiarism consists of presenting ideas or work as your own when it was produced by someone else.  Click here to link to Peralta's student conduct info. 


Grade Calculation:  there are 1000 possible points in the class.  At the end of the semester, all points will be added up and grades assigned based on the following:

                                      900-1000 points (90% or more) = A

                                      800-899 (80-89%) = B

                                      700-799 (70-79%) = C

                                      600-699 (60-69%) = D

                                      fewer than 600 points (59% or less) = F

Extra credit in REVEL - students can earn up to 5 points of extra credit each week by completing quizzes within the REVEL reading.  The quizzes are open for one week before the reading due date, and they must be completed before 11:00pm on the due date.  Some weeks have multiple quizzes, but the maximum extra credit points allowed for each week is 5.


All materials for this class are ADA compliant. If you are a student with a disability, please let me know immediately about your accommodations.  If you are a new student and need evaluation or verification of your needed accommodations, please contact Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) at 464-3428 or here:  Click here to link to DSPS webpage