How to adjust for extra time in a quiz for a special needs student


You will need to override the time limits for specific students on a quiz, so this will be done for each quiz.


  1. From the course homepage, click on the quiz item, so you have the view below. Then click on the quiz menu item called "User overrides" circled in blue as shown below:

    Quiz item view showing left side quiz menu items

  2. Click the "Add user override" button shown below circled in blue:

    The "Add user override" button is located in the main content area.

  3. Select the student's name (blue arrow) and change the "Time limit" value (sort of circled in blue). If you want 1½ hours, change the value to 90 and the "hours" to "minutes".

    Student names are listed in top box; options for time settings are below

  4. Save. If you have more than one student who needs extra time, then click "Save and and enter another override".

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 August 2016, 6:24 PM