Edit Profile, Change Email, Change Password, and More

  1. To get to your Profile Page, click on your name in the upper right corner or bottom center of any page after logging in:

    Your name is link in the upper right corner and bottom center of any page when you are logged in.
    Location of name link - click to enlarge.

  2. Then follow the "Profile Settings" link in the User Preferences block:

    Edit Profile link in the Preferences block
    Profile Settings Link - click on this image to enlarge.

  3. The next screen has a list of links to Edit your profile settings, change password, set forum preferences and much more.

    List of profile editing options
    List of profile edits - click on image to enlarge

  4. To change your email address, click the Edit Profile link shown in the above list of profile edits. In your Edit Profile screen, replace your email address in the appropriate input box, and then click the Update Profile button at the bottom of that screen. Last, you must confirm this change by logging in to the new email address and clicking the link back to Moodle.

    Change email address on Profile Edit page
    Email address change - click on the image to enlarge

Last modified: Sunday, 21 August 2016, 2:54 PM